Jeffrey Bonas



October 2013

On 21st October Jeffrey gave the Trafalgar Day Lecture at the Hoste in Burnham Market in aid of the Wells Hospital Trust. The lecture was entitled "Nelson in Love."


October 2012

On 21 October, Trafalgar Day, Jeffrey gave a talk at The Hoste Arms in Burnham Market entitled Nelson and Trafalgar. The talk is now the subject of a short booklet which has been published in aid of ABF The Soldiers Charity, and can be bought at The White House bookshop in Burnham Market.


August 2012

Jeffrey has just been elected to President of The Old Harrovian Golf Society.
In July, he captained the Harrow Team in The Bernard Darwin Trophy when Harrow beat Eton.


News about Jeffrey Bonas

The Inaugural Lecture from The North West Norfolk History Society

Dr James Howard-Johnston gave a scholarly account of the origins of seventh century Islam and the impact of Mohammed whom he regards as having been a great genius as a religio-political leader.

For Howard-Johnston the problems between Islam and the Christian religions originated in the differences which arose from the rigidity of Islamic orthodoxy as laid down in the pre-ordained Qu'ran and the more liberal development of Christian traditions which have looked upon Christ not as a prophet but as God incarnate. The eternal truths of the Muslims have created theological and philosophical problems as difficult as those posed for Christians by the doctrine of Incarnation.

"Instead of the word made Flesh, the Word was made Book."